A brand with a difference

Becoming an innovative business

A Greg’s Pharmacy doesn’t feel like any other Pharmacy, that’s because it isn’t. The brand promise is distinct and the deliverables to customers are precise. Collaboration with partners and strong data analysis has made this brand a driving force.

Our point of difference includes:

Customer Centric Model – through comprehensive analysis and research, we endeavour to anticipate the customer’s needs and cater to their requirements.

Consulting Rooms – our unique consulting rooms are designed to provide privacy and a relaxed atmosphere where our customers can discuss their health with our qualified staff. We have a range of different consult rooms including semi and fully private, all of which can be adjusted to suit your store format.

A juice bar that makes fresh juices with super foods. Whilst sampling fresh juices and health products, customers have the opportunity to discuss the health benefits with our qualified Naturopath or Pharmacist. Greg’s Juice Bar is unique to the pharmacy industry and is guaranteed to impress the community.

The interactive table can seat up to 8 customers at any one time. The table hosts informative sessions at which suppliers, naturopaths and pharmacists are able to demonstrate products in a casual and engaging manner. Underpinning the in-store feel is the Neem Tree which sits in the middle of the interactive ‘Senses’ table. Neem Trees have been used in India for over two millennia due to their medicinal properties. It is considered a major component in siddha medicine and Ayurvedic and Unani medicine and is particularly prescribed for skin diseases.

Working alonside the Pharmacists at Greg’s are qualified Naturopaths. The Naturopaths run many interactive workshops at the Senses Table and facilitate samples of super foods and natural medicines. They are on hand to discuss the health benefits of naturopathic solutions with both customers and pharmacists.

The first ‘new’ interactive Greg’s Pharmacy was launched in 2016 and the feedback from suppliers and, most importantly, customers has been overwhelmingly positive.


What do you receive?

Data by itself may simply be a tool; yet, when applied in the right way, it can be a powerful ally. Data driven decisions will ensure you receive the support you require to have your business grow in this economically competitive climate by creating a pharmacy that stands above the rest in providing quality, evidence based solutions to customers encouraging their loyalty to your business.

We provide comprehensive support in all areas of pharmacy operation. Leave the paperwork to us and focus on your customers and business performance.

Professional Services Support – ensuring you receive the the maximum amount of funding from Government approved Pharmacy programs

Buying Group – market leading trading terms on ethical and general retail

Product Ranging & Planograms – ensuring you meet your budgets and ROI

Marketing – through research and analysis of your local community we will ensure that you retain and increase your customer spend, basket size, GP $ and customer numbers

Staff and Training – Training and Mentoring will be provided to ensure you have the necessary skills to grow your business and develop your staff

Store Operations – all aspects on retail support including merchandising, execution support, store fixtures and much more!

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