Back to School – Where Germs Rule!

There’s a lot to do in the life of a kid – they’ve got a lot on their plate. They’ve got games to play, sports to train for, friends to see, shows to watch, and oh, yeah, homework to do (sigh!). With all this going on, there’s just not enough time to be sick.

As school starts for another year, many parents dread the influx of cold and flu that will likely strike at some point in the school year. For kids, preventing germs is often the last thing on their minds. The caring and sharing nature of children, tends to result in the spread of germs. And eventually, the bacteria spread in the playground, makes its way home to the whole family.

Vitamins are often overlooked until the cold and flu season hits home. Though vitamins do not prevent colds, they can reduce the length and severity of cold systems. With school providing a breeding ground for germs, it makes sense to give your kids vitamins to strengthen their immune system.

For kids, there are many beneficial reasons to take multi-vitamins.

  • Multi-vitamins can provide a supplement that replaces the minerals and vitamins that may be neglected due to fussy eating.
  • They support developing immune system and can help shorten the duration of colds.
  • Assist in healthy bone development.
  • Help release energy from food.
  • Support normal intellectual development.

So before cold and flu season hits this year, head into Greg’s Chemist to pick up some vitamins for your family today.

Greg’s Chemist offer a wide range of vitamins for kids, to help develop and strengthen their immune systems.


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