10 Foods Good For The Brain

Did you know that what we eat can help our brains to function properly? Here are our top 10 foods to include in the diet to support a healthy mind: Blueberries – Blueberries contain antioxidants. Add a handful to your breakfast for a morning brain boost. Fish – Fatty fish are a superior source of omega-3 essential fatty acids, which are important for healthy brain function. In fact, the brain is naturally rich in omega-3, particularly docosahexaenoic acid (DHA). To support cognitive function and memory, it’s recommended to eat fish two to three times a week and, or take a fish oil supplement. Rosemary ‐ Researchers have found that even just the scent of rosemary can improve brain performance. Avocado – Avocados are rich in healthy unsaturated fats including omega-3 which...


Stressed? You may need more Vitamin B!

The research into the importance of B Vitamins for dealing with stress is well documented. One study coming out of Swinburne University in Melbourne found that participants taking a Vitamin B-Complex supplement reported a 20% reduction in work related stress. This is in contrast to the control group in the study, who were given a placebo and reported no significant change in stress levels. Vitamin B is not one vitamin, rather it is a group of vitamins that can help support our bodies during stressful times. Let’s look at each of the B Vitamins that can help support your body during stressful times, and why each is important. VITAMIN B1: THIAMINE Foods rich in thiamine include fish, nuts, seeds and green peas. Thiamine is needed for: Maintaining nerve health ...

5 ways to boost your kids gut health

5 ways to boost your kid’s gut health

Good gut health is important to your children’s general wellbeing. Here, are 5 ways to help keep their digestive system in tip-top shape. There are plenty of reasons to help keep your child’s gut in good shape, not just for digestive balance but also immune function as the gut is home to up to 70% of the immune system. After all, who hasn’t felt awful when their stomach is playing up? So what can you do to help support the little engine systems of your children to get what they need to help promote a healthy intestinal environment’? Here a 5 things to keep in mind. Feed the gut Regularly eating probiotic-rich foods may help to reduce the frequency of mild gut upsets, which are common in early childhood. Fermented probiotic-rich foods...


Cold and Flu: Old Wives’ Tales

Cold and flu season is well and truly here. So we thought we'd better debunk some of the myths surrounding Cold and Flu. Feed a Cold, Starve a fever~ Truth be told: 50% True When you have a cold or cold like symptoms, it is important to ensure nutritious food is being eaten as this will fortify your immune system. Although ‘starving a fever’ is not recommended when your metabolism is increased, you require more energy to fight the infection. You would require a higher, not lower calorie intake. Wet hair can make you sick Ω Truth be told: Not likely If you don’t dry your hair you will probably feel cold, but not much else will happen. The old wives got this one wrong, your wet hair is not the...

What is Blood Pressure and how does it affect me?

Blood pressure is the pressure of your blood on the walls of your arteries as your heart pumps it around your body. It’s a vital part of how your heart and circulation works Your blood pressure naturally goes up and down all the time, adjusting to your heart’s needs depending on what you are doing. High blood pressure is when your blood pressure is persistently higher than normal....