Cold and Flu: Old Wives’ Tales

Cold and flu season is well and truly here. So we thought we’d better debunk some of the myths surrounding Cold and Flu.

Feed a Cold, Starve a fever~

Truth be told: 50% True

When you have a cold or cold like symptoms, it is important to ensure nutritious food is being eaten as this will fortify your immune system. Although ‘starving a fever’ is not recommended when your metabolism is increased, you require more energy to fight the infection. You would require a higher, not lower calorie intake.

Wet hair can make you sick Ω

Truth be told: Not likely

If you don’t dry your hair you will probably feel cold, but not much else will happen. The old wives got this one wrong, your wet hair is not the enemy. A cold is mostly caused when you come into contact with a virus.

Avoid Diary if you have a cold~

Truth be told: There is no basis to skip dairy

Medically there is no basis to skip dairy. Most people believe consuming dairy will increase your mucus production, although research shows that this seems to be a placebo effect. In a study, people who knew they were consuming cow’s milk reported they had an increase of mucus and nasal symptoms compared to people who drank soy milk but others who had no idea what milk they were consuming, reported to have the same effects regardless if they had cow or soy milk.

Moral of the story: Speak to your local pharmacist, the old wives don’t know it all!


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