Confused about Cholesterol? We’re Here to Help!

Why are healthy Cholesterol Levels Important?

Not all cholesterol is bad! Really?! That’s right, cholesterol is not all bad! It is actually produced to keep you healthy. The cholesterol you find in your bloodstream comes from two places – the food you eat and your own body, and your liver manufactures the majority of the cholesterol in your blood while you sleep at night. Cholesterol is vital to the functioning of your body – it is used to make hormones, in the structure of your cell walls, in bile acids to help digest your food and even helps you make vitamin D! Without cholesterol many of the daily functions in your body could not occur.

Cholesterol is vital to the functioning of your body.

Tips and Food To Help Manage Your Cholesterol

Key steps you can take towards maintaining a healthy cholesterol balance are to make better food choices, quit smoking and get moving – your body will love you for it! Modify your diet by avoiding those foods higher in cholesterol and eating more of the foods that help maintain a healthy balance:

  • Limit foods that are higher in cholesterol:
  • Fatty meats such as salami and sausages.
  • Take away foods including hot chips, burgers and pizza.
  • Cakes, danishes and biscuits (both sweet and savoury).

Enjoy more:

  • Plant based foods such as dark green leafy vegetables or legumes, as they do not contain cholesterol.
  • Fish, lean meats and up to 6 eggs in a week to provide protein.
  • Wholegrains, these contain fibre and can help keep your cholesterol levels in a healthy range.
  • Foods such as garlic, oats, lecithin granules and fibre e.g. psyllium husks, which also may help to maintain healthy cholesterol levels

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