You’ve probably been using Dry Shampoo the wrong way!

Dry Shampoo. An absolute lifesaver.

But did you know there’s a RIGHT way to apply it? If not, read on, because these 5 simple steps well help you become a professional.

ONE: Spray the Hairline

Starting with dry, dirty hair, begin by spraying your hairline around the face, ensuring that you’ve got a couple of inches between the tip of the dry shampoo can and your face. Plus, you’re not depositing too much product—a couple of seconds should cover your entire hairline.

TWO: Separate the hair into sections

To give your hair an all-over, shower-fresh feel, you must divide and conquer by parting the hair into sections. The key is to let your pointer finger be your guide by aligning it with your ear, then separating your hair into the back and front parts.

THREE: Don’t skip over the roots

Take 1-2 inch sections parallel to your natural part and spray your roots. Continue towards the back, taking horizontal sections, then flipping them to the other side of your head, and stacking them on one another. The goal is to spray all of your roots, but again, without depositing too much powder. Ideally, it appears translucent on your strands.

FOUR: Blend, shake out & flip

For added volume and a more fluid set, flip your hair upside down, then use your fingers to blend the powder, shake out your roots, and allow the dry shampoo to move towards your ends.

FIVE: Brush to perfection

As you can see above, when you finally flip your hair over, it’s going to need a bit of smoothing out. To do so without flattening the hair, gently glide an oval, mixed-bristle brush through your strands from roots to tips. For that coveted, lived-in vibe, finish things off by lightly running your fingers through your strands one last time. But after that, hands off! The less you touch it, the better it looks!


And there you have it – you’re now a Dry Shampoo Pro!

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